Welcome to Jørn Hilme-stemnet!

Photo by: Cathrine Dokken

Welcome to Norway's oldest traditional music festival – Jørn Hilme-stemnet. Each summer in July, you can participate in the unique and interesting part of Norwegian music and dance tradition.

Among old wooden houses and beautiful nature scenery, you will feel the heat of the music, dance, costumes and myths that are still alive.

We invite you in to experience an exciting and unique world, that will take you back to times long past - through concerts, stories, competitions for folk musicians, singers and dancers, as well as courses and shows.

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Learn something new!

The Jørn Hilme festival offers a wide range of music and dance courses. You can learn a new skill, or dig deeper into something you're already familiar with. Come to Norway's best summer school for adults!

At the Jørn Hilme festival, audiences and artists of all generations come together. This is why we like to lay the groundwork to recruit adults to participate in music and dance. We offer courses for beginners and advanced learners. Many people are interested in learning more about arts they were introduced to in their youth, and some are searching for a community of likeminded people. Our courses explore traditions that have their roots in Valdres, but also some from other parts of the country. This summer, you can learn to dance the valdresspringar, bonde, gamaldans or pols; play the mouth harp, langeleik, melodeon, Hardanger fiddle, or billy goat horn; or sing traditional songs. The Jørn Hilme courses are taught by some of the foremost artists and teachers within each genre.


15.30 Assembly and classes begin
17.30 End of day

14.00 Classes
16.00 Coffee break with food
17.00 Classes
18.00 End of day

10.00 Classes
12.00 End of classes
12.30 Archive consert

What you need to know about the courses:

• When: July 10–12
• Where: Valdres Folkemuseum, Fagernes
• Cost: 1100 kr – including food on Thursday and concerts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
• Sign up here!

Come learn something new!

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Jørn Hilme FAQ

When does all the fun begin?

Jørn Hilme-stemnet 2023 starts at July 9th, and lasts until July 16th.

Where is the festival?

Fagernes lies approximately 3 hours north west of Oslo, and is an important destination for tourism in Norway, due to good communications and the nature in the surrounding Valdres valley, and mountain areas such as Jotunheimen. To go by bus search for tickets here. 

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets for the different courses and concerts, as well as tickets for the entire festival, can be bought in ticketco.no, by pressing the various concerts in the program at www.hilme.no or in the Ticket-office in Valdres Folkemuseum during the festival. The tickets will be released in advance of the festival.

I'm interested in doing a story on the festival, how do I proceed?

Journalists are very welcome to the festival. If you are considering to visit Jørn Hilme-stemnet, e-mail us at: post@hilme.no, and you'll get more information.

Where can I sleep?

Who was Jørn Hilme?

The fiddler Jørn Hilme (1778–1854) was born in Ulnes in Valdres, as the son of Nils Jørnsson Ringsåkeiga and Ingebjørg Olsdotter Ulnes. Hilme is concidered to be one of the most influential folk musicians in the Norwegian fiddler tradition.